Lent, 2013

(The Lenten tree is going in a new spot this year.)

I think I need to be off the blog for Lent, friends.  This space is a source of joy and encouargement for me (thank you!), but it’s also a gateway drug.  I get on the computer and then can’t get off.

Clicking here leads to another click there, and all of a sudden I’m craving Cheetos and reading gossip online.  My children notice when I’m online a lot.  I notice when I’m online a lot, and I don’t like how I feel.

I hope to spend the time I would have been here, praying and reading actual books.  With pages.

I will post some photos and a few of my previous Lenten thoughts here, in case your soul is stronger than mine and you are in search of some encouraging words.

Here’s hoping to be back after Easter bursting from the grave of self I keep digging.


3 thoughts on “Lent, 2013

  1. I totally understand. I give up FB each year for Lent, but, truthfully feel the same as you! Even though I really have good intentions of just hopping online for a little while, I will find something that is interesting and then I am led here, there and everywhere and it is much later than I wanted to be online. I hope you have a very blessed Lent and may just follow suit 😉

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