Come Walk with Us

It was so fun having you run with me, I thought you might like to join us on our nature walk.  You’ll want a sweatshirt and some sunblock.

We’ve had such a drought this winter (well, all year, really) that the lake is very dry.  Normally all this red is under water.

Clearly we’re not the only ones who can’t keep from walking out toward the water– there’s quite a path here.


The boys were deep in conversation and didn’t want to wait on the girls, so they’ve gone ahead.  If you listen, you can hear the geese out at the edge of the water.

The boys come running back to tell us there are deer.  Can you see her there, pretending to be invisible?


Just ahead of the kids, after the boardwalk turns the corner, is the tree where the great barn owl likes to roost.
Did you see that?  The kids must have scared the owl, because it just took off over our heads.  All the geese startled and made a crazy noise until they decided it was a false alarm.


This is my favorite bit of the walk: it’s like a tunnel of cottonwoods.  The fragrance is incredible.  SweetP likes to collect bouquets of leaves here.

Oh– the deer are back, trying to sneak back into the clearing we frightened them out of on our way down the far side of the boardwalk.


Total, I count nine.  The boys say they saw a buck but I missed him.




Not bad for a twenty-minute walk.  Thanks for joining us.

What’s your favorite nearby walk?

2 thoughts on “Come Walk with Us

  1. Oh it is GORGEOUS where you live!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your walk. I loved it. It has been much too cold to get out and walk here (0-10 for the past few weeks), but, we need to do that soon. I am itching to get out in the sun {when it stays out for more than a few minutes, lol}. I can’t really say I have a favorite spot to walk, but, when we lived in SC there was a wildlife reserve that we loved so much. We go there to visit every few years and I still love it more than anywhere!


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