Grateful: February

  • for the great conversations generated this week by our family’s viewing of War Games (remember that movie?!– bad language alert) and Nova’s The Smartest Machine on Earth
  • for a little time “reading” with SweetP during rest time


  • for popcorn balls to celebrate the end of Peter Pan.  Elizabeth Foss’s recipe here


  • for my friend Christine, who taught me how to spin on my grandmother’s wheel


  • for the two little babies who slipped into the world safely under my watch on Friday night
  • for my brave friend Erin, who is teaching Helping Babies Breathe in Nigeria today (and all next week)– please pray for her!
  • that both Mandy and Mark are recovering well.  Please keep praying.
  • for the search engine that helped me turn, “Dad, do you remember those books I loved to read in second grade– the ones in the center stack of the library [somewhere between the Ramona books, under Cleary, and the Lois Lowry books]?”  into this:


  • for a surprise lunch last week with dear long-time friends (including the one who gave me a dictionary when I graduated high school)
  • for my mom’s birthday. I am so grateful for her!

I love reading your comments! Thanks for visiting.

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