Wanna Go for a Run With Me?

Sure you do!

When I first started running, I always stayed where I could get home quick.  And easy.  I never took a long, unknown route.  I added a block here, a block there, for fear I wouldn’t make it back again.

I remember those baby steps with gratitude, because they are what got me here.  And baby steps are really what get me anywhere.

This weekend, Sam gave me an hour, and I went down the trail but turned left instead of (my usual) right.  I knew generally where the trail connected to the road, but the exact distance was a mystery.  So I just ran.

I was doing great, enjoying every step and my music and the view and the prairie dogs mooning me from their burrows, and then I came to this sign:

I don’t know about you, but I’m not so excited about rattlesnakes.  And even though I’m not going very fast, I don’t put a lot of stock in my ability to tell rattlesnake (which, according the sign, usually but not always have rattles on their tails) from bull snakes.  Eek.  You can bet I was looking at every bump and rock a lot more closely.  As you can imagine, this snake-scanning interfered slightly with my running bliss.


Lots of prairie dog holes around.  Do you see any rattlesnakes?  Neither do I.

So I kept going toward those mountains I love.  Around mile 4, this woman went FLYING by me.  She was booking, and not just because her golden retriever was pulling her.  As far as I could tell, there was no rattlesnake chasing her.  So whoever you are, Fast Woman in the Tech Shirt, hats off to you.  I hope you win and that you don’t meet any rattlesnakes.

At mile five, I turned back toward home and encountered THIS new sign:


I don’t actually live in the middle of an episode of Wild Kratts.  I live in the suburbs.  Please note: back away slowly from rattlesnakes, but look really BIG and THREATENING if you see a coyote.  Better yet, carry rocks and noisemakers in the tiny hidden key pocket of your running shorts.  I don’t know what to do if you find a rattlesnake biting a coyote.

I did see the bald eagle family and a red tailed hawk.  And then I got home a realized that my GPS wasn’t tracking well at all, and what I thought was 7 miles (at an AWESOME pace) was really 6 miles at my usual pace.

Baby steps, right?

Thanks for running with me.

P.S. Next time wear your leather boots.  Rattlesnakes usually can’t bite through leather.


3 thoughts on “Wanna Go for a Run With Me?

  1. I was walking back from the YMCA when I saw a hawk (wasn’t ruddy, so not a red tail, that’s all I know) on a limb over the creek. Ben runs in his boots, because that’s what the special forces do in basic training. I’ll tell Mom about the coyotes, they howl near her house in the woods by the golf course.

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