January Snow Day

After the other day’s dismal failure, I needed a SNOW DAY.  We didn’t actually have snow at home.  So we had to go find some.

I did bring SweetP’s coat with us, but she wore it for less than half an hour in the afternoon when the wind picked up.


There she is in the center– her first day on skis.


O is the one on the end eating the snow.  And yes, that’s my mitten obstructing the top of the photo.

I didn’t manage to get a photo of M on skis.  I kept trying to find her on the mountain, but she and her instructor were all over the place.

The lesson-coordinator asked me in the morning, “Wouldn’t your girls like to ski together?”  M has done lessons a few times and actually can navigate fairly well, and this was SweetP’s first time, so the answer was NO.  Turns out M was the only skier at her level in lessons that day, so she got [the world’s cheapest] private lesson.  No wonder they wanted to combine them.

Once the kids were set, I clipped into my own bindings (first time since knee surgery!) and headed up the mountain.


I’ll admit to being daunted.  My last few times skiing (in 2009 & 2010) were very painful, between a non-working knee and a very weak core.  But three months of PT and a year and a half of running and cross-training paid off.


Yes, it was that blue.


No helmet-cam, so I can’t show you how great it felt.  But it was mid-week, and the slopes were wide open.  Although the snow wasn’t great, I didn’t need bells and whistles to enjoy the swoosh and the speed down the mountain.  And the quiet.  And the alone.



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