Homeschool Fail

Last week we had a bad day.  (I hear they have those, even in Australia.)

It started out fine.  I had a hearty To-Do ist full of everything that doesn’t get done while I’m at the office.  I got up early (4:30) and had two hours to write and do a little yoga.  So far, so good.

My phone replacement-cover had come in the mail, so I replaced the shattered back.  ($10 including shipping.  Good instructions: 5 minutes flat.  No waiting for an Apple Genius.)


Sam came down and headed to work.   Taco soup went into the crockpot for lunch.

The children awoke, and we got started on reading.  We read about Washington’s strategic movements in New York and New Jersey, his frustration with foriegn adventurers and Lafayette’s arrival.  How Lafayette’s humility endeared him to Washington, and how Alexander Hamilton’s presence (and fluency in French) made way for a great collaboration.

Math tantrums were had [no photo available].  Spanish was learned.  I gave O his piano lesson.

Nature study:

I made yogurt, did 3 loads of laundry, and made bread.  By lunch I was EXHAUSTED.

Animal pizzaria:
After lunch, J and O asked if they could have their screen time (15 min each).  I said yes.

SweetP asked me to play house with her and M. She was the Mom, I was the “Honey.”  She said I was sick and tucked me in on the couch to rest.

Two and a half hours later, I woke up.  The girls had moved on to play upstairs, and the boys were still playing on the DS.

Nothing was on fire or overflowing the sink. No food was burned, no appointments missed.  But the day was gone, and O & M hadn’t finished their notebook work.  (M had barely started hers.)  Dinner wasn’t started.  No one (except me) had had rest time.  And swimm team was going to start in an hour.

I never caught up.  The day that started so well finished with dishes everywhere, unfinished geography and writing, too much screen time, and a frustrated mama.  Definitely a pacing problem, as if I had a seven-mile run ahead of me and started out at Sam’s pace.  (Which is ridiculous, because I couldn’t run even half a mile at his pace.)

How often  do I shoot myself in the foot with a too-long to-do list?  Unrealistic expectations for what I (or the children) can handle in a day?  Usually, those days fail the other way– with my unfulfilled expectations looming over me until I shatter in a yelling mess.  This day’s fail was at least peaceful.

What’s your solution for a day like this?  Do you just say, “It is what it is,” and start over tomorrow?  Or do you have a magic secret for hitting RESET mid-stride?  Do share in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Homeschool Fail

  1. I would consider that a successful day. Up early, writing, exercise, dinner on, children schooled (even partially), laundry, bread, yogurt? Girl, you had an AMAZING day! And just think how satisfied SweetP was when she realized she had done such an outstanding job tucking you in for a rest. 🙂 And clearly God knew you needed that, because He made it so that you were allowed it. Ie: the kids let you sleep FOR TWO AND A HALF HOURS. Do you not see that as a miracle?!?!? *grin* Take it for what it was: God ordered your day. Keep the rest of your list for another day. 🙂

  2. You know it sounds like a good day to me too! I would totally see it the other way though if it were me. I can say that since it is not me, hee hee.I tend to have bad days too when I have a big to do list made up. I am slowly learning to make less of a list and try to be more open to the Holy Spirit’s guidance. I have noticed that when I back off a bit, and let Him lead, we have better days. How old is SweetP? My littlest one and I play allergist. He is five and has many food allergies and I love playing allergist! Lots of fun with the little ones. I hope your nap was restful especially seeing it was so well deserved 🙂

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