{phfr}: January

Pretty: We’ve been trying to start the school day with reading. This is my little spot. I love how the morning sun catches me here, even if it’s weak winter sun.


Happy: My hack DIY cell-phone pocket. I’ve been coveting an expensive running jacket, mostly for the phone pocket. But it only took me 10 minutes to add this one to my old fleece from Target.


Funny: “Hair salon.” Daddy is the brave first victim customer.


Real: Bread dough, forgotten about while we were reading.


Celebrating the context of contentment, with Like Mother, Like Daughter.


7 thoughts on “{phfr}: January

  1. I love the phone pocket! My sister and I use to do barber shop with my Dad all the time. What fun memories the girls will have.
    Enjoy this great weather.

  2. Wow! I just love this post! So much to see đŸ™‚ I just discovered Like Mother, Like Daughter.a few days ago and am loving it. Aren’t dads the best volunteers {victims}, lol! How did the bread turn out? It looks so yummy. I love your reading spot. It looks very comfie. What are you all reading now. We are reading “A Nest for Celeste” and it is fabulous. Love good books with great artwork! Have a blessed weekend, Annie.

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