Happy Birthday: Five!

I just have to mention how much I like flickr for uploading photos to the blog.  Today, while it was loading, it said it was “Questioning the Magic Donkey.”  That may be my favorite, even surpassing, “Your machine is learning our ways.”  Os an aside from that aside, do you remember how the apple computer (a million years ago) would show you that little bomb, and you were forced to hit “OK” to delete everything you had done and reboot?  I hated that bomb.

Anyway, SweetP turned five.  A quieter celebration this year, as several of her friends were sick (there are so many bad viruses going around!) but we made merry ourselves.  So now I’m going to torture you with photos of all the fantastic food Sam made while I was at work.


Yep, same cake as last year. That girl has good taste in food.

We played games:
and were still able to make it out for a date with her BBF. Thanks, Renee, for watching the big kids!

Five seems to big to me.  She told me today, “Mommy, now I’m almost six!”

Not so fast, SweetP— I need a lot more cuddles from my five year-old before I’m going to let you have another birthday!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday: Five!

    • A funny moment: Sam dipped the strawberries while I was working, and when I came home I stole one off the platter.He had used the UNsweetened baking chocolate (which I had labeled, but he didn’t see.) Ick. So we ate only the white ones. > Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2013 15:05:07 +0000 > To: ann_dominguez@hotmail.com >

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