Vacation Fun


I’m not a mom who plans vacations very well.  I spend so much time planning the REST of the year, that for vacation my real desire is just for everyone to manage themselves.  This has pitfalls.
Our vacation was fun anyway.  Church was so good.  I read books and tried to pretend I couldn’t hear the children whining.  My parents spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with us.

The children played a lot of video games. (I know, I know.  But it gives me more time to read.)



Sam painted little girls’ nails.


My friend and I sent our children on a grocery store scavenger hunt.


I knew you’d like that idea.  Here’s how it worked: we put the children into two teams (more children, more teams) and endowed each team with a digital camera.  Then we told them to take photos of the foods and their pricetags, with the goal of photographing a food at each “NuVal” score.  (I’d love to tell you that the goal of this activity was to teach them more about nutrition, but in reality, the gym was closed and it was 5 degrees out.)  I think the only thing my kids learned was that Jalapeno Cheetos have a higher NuVal (17) than powdered sugar (1).  I think we’ll do it again- maybe adding a calculator aspect, to take photos of foods that add up to some random amount.

How did you spend your vacation?


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