Bringing the Gift

For the past few years, I have been making the Communion bread for our church.   Some weeks the bread is better than others, but it has always been a joy for me to make.

Recently our priest asked me to let him know how much it costs, since “you shouldn’t be bearing that burden solo.”


The recipe is simple: yeast, water, honey.  Flour, salt and oil.  I feel like the widow at Zarephath trying to measure and calculate what portion of the bag of whole wheat flour I use for the recipe.  2 2/3 cups of flour is 14.7 oz.  A double recipe takes 28.15 oz of flour, or 36 % of a 5-lb bag of flour.  A double recipe makes 16 loaves, or 4 weeks of bread.  3 tbsp of honey is…


The bread I make comes out of the supplies I always keep in our kitchen. The same ingredients I use to make all our meals.  The bread I bring to share for Communion is part of the very fabric of our days.  To separate out what I bring to the Lord’s table is somehow wrong– though I understand our priest’s intent– because it suggests that any offering I bring to the church can be separated from the rest of my life.

How I wish that all areas of my life were as integrated as my kitchen.


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