Daybook: early January

Outside my window: cold.  Snow on the grass and just enough ice at the corners to make running slightly treacherous.  That doesn’t mean I don’t plan to go, though.

What I’m hearing: Wipe-Out 3 for Kinect, and children alternately laughing and arguing.  I find my tolerance for this behavior is less than I imagined.

Grateful: for my children’s godparents.  These beautiful nesting boxes were handmade by SweetP’s godfather as a birthday gift.  Amazing!  But more than gifts, I am grateful that they pray for my children and for me.  Also, for sunshine despite the cold.
Praying: for our church as it walks into union this year.   For wisdom and growth this year.  For my children.

In the kitchen: I am full of new-year energy and good intentions, so there is a lentil stew in the crockpot (if it works, I’ll share the recipe) and bread dough rising on the counter.  Chicken is defrosting for a meal in a few days.  It took a full week and a half of “vacation” for my kitchen lassitude to wear off.  But after looking at last year’s spending (WAAAAAY too much spent on dining out) and lying around acting like a vegetable for a week, I am ready to tackle our food budget.  My plan: I want to try to transition to grocery shopping every other week (instead of once a week with 4 small trips in between) and planning meals by the month.  Lunch is my downfall: at 11:30 every day four hungry children look at me with big eyes and ask what’s for lunch.  I never have any idea. So I pulled out the crockpot lunch recipes I’ve put away (one plan came from Large Family Logistics, but I can’t find the link any more) and plan to incorporate two weeks of lunches in the crockpot each month.


Organizing: Sam went through all the children’s clothes this week to cull what doesn’t fit and to see what we need.  (Thanks to our generous friends and cousins, I don’t think we need anything.  Hooray!)  Today I’m tackling the socks.  (First world problem.)

Today’s tense moment: I had my friend’s 3 children over this morning when my office called.  The coroner’s office had shown up to pick up the death certificate I filled out on New Year’s Eve (which I’d then brought home to complete and fax on New Year’s Day, but then I forgot I couldn’t fax it in.)  I told them to send the coroner’s people to my house to pick up the certificate… and then had a tense half hour, hoping my friend wouldn’t find the coroner’s van in front of my house when she came to pick up her children.  (She didn’t.)  Hopefully this section won’t become a standard feature of my daybook.

Writing: I’m adding this section to my daybook just for some accountability.  I am hoping that having a peaceful space (that is small enough to pick-up even after a late night at the office) and some discipline with the alarm clock will help me to be writing regularly.  (That said, this morning the alarm didn’t go off because I had set it for 5 PM by mistake.)  Today’s plan is reworking chapters 4-6 during rest time.


In the school room: We’re on vacation, people!  (Though I did just order a Computer Programming curriculum for O.)

What does your day look like?


4 thoughts on “Daybook: early January

    • The soup was a 6/10 to me, but the kids all ate seconds. A miracle, really. I’ll post the recipe soon. Today it’s crockpot spaghetti… hopefully they’ll all eat it, too.

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