Change of Space

For whatever reason, we often rearrange furniture in the winter.  Perhaps because that’s when we’re inside and need change?

Anyhow, whatever the reason, his heart or his shoes, he woke up on Christmas Eve, hating the Whos.


Anyhow, whatever the reason, Sam rearranged our furniture this weekend, and we have a “new ” study.  It makes me want to huddle up in there and write.



Somehow, he even managed to find empty space on the bookshelves. Who knew?


Next space: kitchen computer desk. Not working.

Are you rearranging things this season?

3 thoughts on “Change of Space

  1. Somehow I missed these last three posts, has your rss changed?

    We cleaned house like crazy for the New Year’s Game party with Ben’s Lego friends – and they all came down with sicknesses this morning. This is the fourth let’s get together and play games party with no-shows, I’m thinking it needs to be birthdays or there is not enough guilt for traction?

    I was cross at the children too because somehow it was really hard to find room for the presents I bought them for Christmas so the house would be pretty for the people who didn’t come for the party.

    I really need to simplify and control my temper.

    But other than that, Happy New Years!


    • Ack– I don’t know how to figure out the RSS thing. Can you try to reload it?We had to cancel a New Year’s Eve get together with our friends because of illness. Lots of bad stuff is going around.I’m hoping by the end of the year I will be a mom who doesn’t yell any more. Pray for me. =)


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