Daybook, December 2012

Outside my window: Winter light. I ran this morning as the sun was coming up, and the sky was all streaky-clouds and honking geese.

What I’m hearing: O is reading Matthew’s account of John the Baptist. M is doing her flash cards. It’s like a tiny cacophony in the school room.

In my prayers The families sundered Friday. Refugees and displaced people: here, in Syria, in Haiti, in Sudan, in Thailand and Burma, in Mindanao… Our friend Sarah. That my children would recognize Jesus.

Grateful: for running and knitting, for friends who feasted us this weekend, for light. For the Light.
In the kitchen: um… clementines?

On my mind: (This is a paraphrase, because my copy of A Christmas Carol disappeared in the weekend’s “reorganizing”.) In A Christmas Carol,  Scrooge says to Marley, “You were always a good man of business.” Marley replies that his proper business was compassion and kindness and mercy.

What’s on your mind today?


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