FO: Shalom

Yes, this is how I roll: Christmas two weeks away, lots of gifts to be working on, and I knit myself a sweater.


I didn’t intend the purple-on-purple modeling plan, but when it was done I was very excited to show you all.

The yarn was disappearing quickly at the end– when I calculated the pattern adjustment, I forgot to multiply the skein requirement by 4/3 as well.  As it was, I have about 4 feet of wool left.


I’m super happy with the weight and the lack of sleeves. Now I can be warm without my ubiquitous fleece vest and not worry about getting sweater sleeves wet in the kitchen.

Any FOs to share?

4 thoughts on “FO: Shalom

  1. Love love love!! Do you have to be a perfectionist for something like this to turn out well? I’m trying to decide weather this is a hobby/skill I should work on acquiring or just stick with croissants. : )


    • Excuse me, are you implying I’m a perfectionist?I did notice a row where the pattern was goofed up (I’m not going to show you where) but I’d alread knit thirty-some rows the third time, and I wasn’t willing to rip it out another time. I’m going to live with the flaw.I read somewhere that the Amish leave a mistake in their quilts to keep them humble.


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