Homeschool P.E.


I know there are homeschool programs out there for PE.  But given the current American epidemic of obesity, PE needs to be something we do every day– not just once a week.  The nearest program I can find is a 35 minute drive, so Lori and I have made our own.  Usually, it consists of meeting at the park and walking while the children ride bikes, hang upside down on the monkey bars and generally run around like crazy people.


Oh, wait– you thought I meant PE for the children? No, PE is definitely for the Mom.

This week it was so cold we went to the gym instead, where we had a festival of line-running, hoop-shooting, Pac-Man tag-playing, and rope-skipping.  (For the record, the children insist on calling it jump-roping.)


We come home sweaty and laughing and with a few of our wiggles out.


How does PE look for your family?


3 thoughts on “Homeschool P.E.

  1. We love to move! O has responded to music nearly from day one. The children both routinely ask for ‘ballerina’ music–Classical–then dance with each other around the living room. It’s lovely while it lasts. Usually, it transforms into a fun wrestling match, but I still look at that as exercise (and building social skills and self/other body awareness). The kids take ballet (O) and hip-hop (J) once a week and swim once a week, but that’s certainly not enough–I really want to instill in them that exercise is something we do every day, just like brushing our teeth. We’ve been trying to get the family on our bikes more–there’s a nice 1.5 mile stretch of trail that starts and ends with a playground. We’ve done significantly less hiking since moving to Georgia, mostly because I still have this idea that hiking has to be a slow slog to the top (with gorgeous views along the way), followed by a muscle-burning, ligament-ripping jaunt down. That’s something I hope to work on in the new year (maybe I’ll start during winter break…). I also try to remind myself that they are exercising when they help me weed, garden, turn the compost, get the rocks out of the garden, roll down the hill, gather flowers, etc.

  2. Right now, for the kids, PE is swimming twice a week and playing superhero everyday. In the summer it’s TBall and gardening and hiking and the fact the they RUN everywhere they go. For me… well… I think I’m getting an F. 😉

  3. Having three boys ten and under, it seems like all day everyday is PE here 🙂 Two of them are in a basketball league that is just underway and we have weekly swimming lessons too. My littlest one (five) and I love to dance in the kitchen while we make meals too 🙂 Sounds like you all have so much fun!

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