Knitting 2012

My best time for knitting is during a road trip (this time was to Chicago for Thanksgiving).


I always make it harder than it has to be– usually by not checking my gauge. This time I didn’t make the time to check my needle collection before we drove. I just shoved all my needles in the car and started my gauge swatches on the highway.  Somewhere in the middle of Nebraska, I realized that I didn’t even own the right needles for the project.

No sweat!  I am creative! I can do math!  I measured my gauge on the needles I had with me and converted the entire project by a factor of 4/3 and began knitting. [cue ominous music]  After I frogging it all after 32 rows which failed to resemble the pattern in any way (and frogging another 16 rows the time after), I realized that my math had rendered a pattern of an odd # of rows into a pattern of an even # of rows.  = disaster.

Take three was the charm.  I modified my calculated pattern and began again, this time with much trepidation and many fewer miles to knit.  Good thing it’s so far to Chicago.  I’m about halfway now, though the yoke is the only part where the pattern mattered, and now it’s just knit, purl, and decrease.  I should finish by 2015.

Here are the two hats that DID get finished.


What are you working on?


2 thoughts on “Knitting 2012

  1. Oh I love those hats! I love to knit and this time of year I always have a project going on 🙂 I always start the year by making hats for all of my men (hubby and three boys) and then move on from there. I am now working on a hat to send to my brother for Christmas. A simple watch cap, brim knitted in k2p2 then the rest in stockinette. I am going to make a ear/head warmer after that. Made one last week and loved it! I just conquered my fear of knitting in the round. I have put that off for years and finally did it! Love it too, makes it go much quicker! Do you ever go on Ravelry? So many great patterns there. 🙂

    • Ann-Marie, I am on Ravelry (as momco3) and love it… except that – like Pinterest- serves mostly to remind me how much better at knitting other people are than I am. Oh well. There’s some sort of Charlie Brown dynamic here: if I weren’t so mediocre at it, how would all those other people know how amazing they are? =)

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