Ready, Set, Advent!

Since it’s the second most commonly searched topic on my blog (after my weird sleeping bag tutorial), I thought I would make it easy to find all my Advent Resources here on one page.

If you’re looking for books for Advent, or ideas for incorporating charity into your family Advent practice, simple family devotions , or a craft for your little ones, check out these links.

Here are all my previous posts on how our family celebrates St Nicholas Day (Dec 6) are here (and here and here.)  Here are a few posts on various Advent traditions we have kept, trying to make Advent different from our celebration of Christmas.

I am hoping to map out a rough “schedule” with room to wiggle– planning lighter school with extra afternoon time for crafting, or surprising our neighbors with acts of charity.  Not sure what those will be yet, but it’ll come.

We got A Christmas Carol on CD– read by Jim Dale!– and I’m looking forward to listening to that and reading through The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and The Oxford Book of Christmas Poems.

Be sure to check out the comments on the links above.  There are some wonderful ideas there, too.

3 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Advent!

  1. Thanks! I know I have searched “advent” on your blog more than once! We have our chain with Luke 2 written on it and ready to go. The boys were very curious when I hung it up this morning. I have also coveted your cradle to cross wreath for a couple of years now. Rick and I are going to try making one of our own. I’ve struggled with the price tag on the real deal, but if we don’t pull it off this year, Rick has promised to buy me one instead. 😉


  2. Thank you for sharing the great resources for Advent! The Oxford Book of Christmas Poems looks great and I just ordered one for my family too. I love your thoughts on Saint Nicholas day. That is a big feast day here too 🙂


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