On the needles: November

Or, perhaps… what’s NOT on the needles?

I’ve been wanting to get back to my knitting.  It seems to be the only activity that can induce me to sit with my children through a movie, and as I haven’t been knitting, Sam has been holding down the “movie-night” fort alone for quite awhile.

I’ve had Shalom on my mind for a long time but haven’t wanted to fork up the cash for the yarn.  I have a sweater whose wool I love but whose size (or shape?) I don’t, and looking at the pattern again, I became inspired to salvage the yarn.  After half an hour of ripping seams (and according to this tutorial, they are all BAD SEAMS) it became apparent all I was going to get were 1000 yards of yarnlets: 1000 1 yard-long pieces of ramen-like yarn.   I have made about 300g of them into a ball full of knots… perfect for something, but not my sweater.

Then Sam reminded me, “It’s not just another sweater.  It’s your hobby.”  As if that justified anything.  But I ordered a delicious dark purple bulky that just arrived.


SweetP chose this pink ages ago for herself (and a cool variegated one for M) and I finally cast it on.  The weekend’s swim meet was the perfect time for a little knitting.

I have more acrylic (I know, but the children don’t like wool on their necks) for M’s soon-to-be neckwarmer.  (Shh! It’s a surprise!)  I wasn’t going to knit for St Nicholas Day this year… I figured the kids were tired of handknits.  But then two of them independently reminded me that St Nicholas’s Day was coming up and they’d be receiving knit items… ahem.  Had to get cracking.

My friend Ruth was up visiting and went through the bag that is J’s micro-triceratops (the worst UFO ever).  She thinks I’m “so close” and that maybe all I need is a 14 hour road trip to whip it out.  I’ll let y’all know how that goes.


And for O?  Hard to say… he’s so warm-blooded he hardly wears what I knit him.  But maybe a little bag for the things he keeps misplacing?  With a cool button?  He might go for that…

What’s on your needles?  Anything for the holidays?

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