Grateful: Early November 2012

:: alphabet cookie cutters (and the children who use them!)

:: that the Halloween candy is finally gone

:: homemade bread (with whole wheat flour– so it’s not exactly the nutritional equivalent of the candy)

:: swim lessons

:: birthday cake in a jar

:: Bach’s Unaccompanied Cello Suite #1

:: rest time on the porch

:: for a run over leaf-strewn sidewalks

:: for a country where a close election is concluded with a peaceful transition of power instead of a violent coup










5 thoughts on “Grateful: Early November 2012

  1. OK… tell me about that birthday cake in a jar. I love that. And I love your final thanksgiving as well. When democracy was getting started – folks would traditionally vote by raising their right hand – empty, of course – since that was usually the hand that held their sword. The message was – I will not resort to violence. I will vote instead with the power of my empty hand.

    • That’s a beautiful image. Sam’s sister Heather has a bakery, and she makes birthday cake, packs it in a mason jar and attaches a spoon, and then mails it. How great is that?!!

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