I heart the Library

Friday was our library day.  I had to pay for a lost book ($13 for a paperback series book M can’t even remember) and return a CD whose case had been returned without it.  The library hadn’t noticed it immediately, and when they did, they scrapped the title as lost, so the librarian gave the disc to me.  Somehow, I think I came out ahead.

Here are the girls, navigating a difficult take-off. Lots of turbulence today.

As we drove home from the library, I was singing along [maybe or maybe not at the top of my lungs] to Lion King: the Musical when I noticed that my children were silent. Very silent.  For a second I thought I’d left them at the library.

Nope.  They were all in the back of the van, reading to their little hearts’ content.
For the record, J is reading Terry Brooks.  [Thank goodness Mr. Brooks wrote like 500 Shanarra books.]

O likes highly illustrated books, like Pokemon (twaddle!!!) and Dragonbreath by Ursula Verne, but even more, he likes listening to books on CD (current favorite author: Carl Hiaasen) while he builds Legos.


M is into poetry.  She said she couldn’t find anything to read, so I took her over to the poetry shelf, and now she’s chuckling to herself over all of Jack Prelutsky’s poems.

SweetP likes Rosemary Wells and Alfred Lobel.

What’s to read at your house?


2 thoughts on “I heart the Library

  1. This morning B checked out some funny movies and documentaries that M and K might like to watch while they are too sick to do normal stuff. The circulation librarian looked at Ben’s choices and asked, “Oh, are M and K sick?”

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