Daybook: Mid-October

In the kitchen: Yesterday was a chili lunch at church, and I’m still recovering (from cooking- not from eating).  I think we’ll eat leftovers.


But M has been making lots of pancakes, and SweetP made yummy zucchini moons. We are loving Mollie Katzen’s Pretend Soup cookbook.


This is an easy minestrone from Runner’s World which is perfect to freeze in 2-cup servings for lunch later.


In the schoolroom: Math.  Today and tomorrow are the American Math Challenge, so the big kids are doing that, and SweetP is counting (up and down).


And on one of our walks last week, we gathered some cattails for the Nature Table.

Around the house: I finally debuted our new chore expectation lists (more coming on this)– and the quality of housekeeping has really improved!

Praying for: Mandy, the Simons, Erin’s upcoming travels, peace in Syria,  unity in the Church.

Grateful for: fall color, more than seven miles on Saturday with Renee, a date with Sam last night, and enough left over from what people donated toward my trip that we can buy the HBB equipment for Erin’s trip to Nigeria!
This is us post-run… the cool fade out effect wasn’t intentional– I was just so tired I couldn’t keep my hand steady.



One thought on “Daybook: Mid-October

  1. I’ll have to try that soup! I make your white chicken chili all the time, Sweet P,looks cute cooking her moons and that is a great picture of you!!! Love you and thanks for the prayers.

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