While I was sleeping

My kids were very patient while I slept off the effects of my travels.  But one morning when I got up, I found this in my room:

Lest you think this is my ORDINARY very messy bedroom, let me enlighten you: This is SweetP’s entire bedroom within my room.


Apparently M did most of the heavy lifting. Since she was unsuccessful at dragging the entire dresser down the hallway, she brought just the drawers of clothes. All of them.


And even the artwork in progress.


My favorite touch is the vase of flowers on the windowsill.
What’s new at your house?


4 thoughts on “While I was sleeping

  1. Is that Sweet P herself under the covers on the window seat?

    K currently brings her stuffed pig, quilted pillow and comforter to my bed most mornings. It helps me get up and swim because there is barely room for me.

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