Post-Push Letdown

The summer was a time of heightened productivity for me.  With my Thailand trip, school prep, and a writing deadline looming, I found myself focused and efficient.  I accomplished a handful of other tasks as a side effect of my intense work habits.  My “no” to projects that weren’t on my list came a little more easily than it usually does.


But now I’m back, home, and all the deadlines have passed.  I’m happy to be on the far side of all of that and have just a few reports and post-trip talks still to prepare.  Now what?
I know my jet lag is a factor, but I find myself looking around (at 4 AM) for the next project.  Which is ridiculous, because the simplest task (like staying awake past 6:30 pm) has been beyond me this week.

But once I’m back on Colorado time, what will it be?  Is it a half-marathon?  (Oddly, I was able to find more than one Colorado half-marathon in every month except for January.)  Is it a new writing project?  I’m a little bit at sea.


Like resuming regular running after a race, I hope that the miles I put under feet this spring and summer continue to reap benefits.  I want to hold onto the discipline and strength I gained working at a heightened pace—even if I don’t keep working at that pace all the time. But instead of looking for the next big thing, I need to sit back and rest a little.  Catch up on being instead of doing.

Does this happen to you?  How do you keep from throwing yourself into the next project too soon?

3 thoughts on “Post-Push Letdown

  1. Oh my, yes this happens to me! There is nothing so weird to deal with as success – even little successes. That feeling of being used up and unfamiliar with yourself, then guilty that you aren’t happy. Especially if your sleep is wonky from travel.

    Remember what Susan Wise Bauer says about how reading is thumbing your nose at the Industrial Revolution’s Steam Engine model of constant productivity as the good life (only she phrases it more elegantly.)

    Rest is a weird discipline.

    And if you are awake at 4AM, you can always go running then without throwing the household out of kilter.


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