Daybook: Early October, 2012

Out my window: SNOW.  Not a lot, though it was enough to make me too lazy to run and to inspire the children to make teeny, tiny snowmen.



In the kitchen:  Soup.  Because it snowed, remember?  Today it was black bean and lentil (with some ham I pulled from the freezer) thrown in for good measure.  Add a bit of lime… let’s just say I liked it more than the children did.


In the school room: hard to get our focus today, with that centimeter of snow luring us outside.  Plus we’ve had lots of fun (a trip to Thailand, The Three Musketeers, a visit from Season & kids…)  Maybe next week we’ll do better.  We did manage to get in a Ted talk today over lunch (18 minutes of science right there!).  And thanks to Sarah, we’re now working our way through all the Piano Guys’ videos.  Needless to say, the kids’ fav is this one!  This one blew me away– watching them “play” that piano!
I can’t believe how big these boys are getting… here they are, spellbound over The Piano Guys…

Around the house: catching up, little by little.


Praying for: a quiet heart.  Mandy.  Free Burma Rangers, Partners, and the Simons as they quietly work for justice and mercy around the world.  Unity in the church.

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