A Surprise Package

Last week I saw the UPS truck outside our house.  The UPS truck is a highlight of my children’s life.  They could be poster children for the UPS company—they get so excited.  (And every time I see the truck I think of the Bend and Snap from Legally Blonde, so how can I not smile?)  But when the UPS man pulled a box that could have held a washing machine out of his truck I knew he wasn’t coming to our house.

But he was.  Had Sam ordered a new TV?  Was there a mistake?

Nope.  The box was light, as evidenced by the UPS man’s smile as he came up the steps with in on his shoulder.  He set it inside the doorway, and the children started screaming, “Who’s it for?  What is it?”  When I saw my uncle’s name (spelled wrong: “Hurb”) for the return address, I knew.


My aunt had sent me my grandmother’s spinning wheel.


Isn’t it pretty?

But she’d sent it in a ginormous bathtub of styrofoam.

I managed to assemble it.  Now Sam wants to know where we’re going to keep it.  The children want to know when we can get sheep.  I’m wondering where I can get a belt for it.  Ideas?

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