Late September Daybook, 2012

I did well with the time adjustment from Colorado TO Thailand (11 hours).  The jet lag  coming back, however, is a little bit harder.  I took a long run with my running partner yesterday; it felt GREAT at the time but worked against my efforts at staying up till 9 p.m.  I crashed by 6:30 and am now wide awake at 12:30 AM.

In the kitchen: right before I left, I had my usual panic.  What if I die on the trip?  It led me to do a bunch of little things like make double batches of homemade bread and give extra snuggles.  Now I’ve been back for three days, and the kids are wondering “Where’s the bread?”
Raspberries were also on sale while I was gone, so I came back to 40 little boxes of raspberries to be jammed.  And I made my first Thai dish for dinner last night: Chicken Kaprao.  Thumbs up from everyone.

In the schoolroom: Getting up at 2 am was good for school prep morning.  We’re back in the swing of it and have just started some new read-alouds.  Before I left, we finished our first month’s curriculum, including The World of William Penn (excellent) and units on Seurat and Dvorak.  This week we’ll start Sibelius and Copley.  We have 3 chapters left of Little Britches, which I was loathe to finish because I know how it ends, and I didn’t want that to be the last thing I ever read to my children… in case I died. Now that I’m back (alive), we’re going to finish it this week.  Somebody pass me the kleenex.

We’re also going to follow Phoenix Phaxx’s journey through Sonlight and FEBC. There’s a lot of info on SE Asia in it, and we read Hungry Planet‘s chapter on Bhutan. This photo was not Bhutan, but western Thailand. Gorgeous, isn’t it? That’s rice growing.

In the garden: I harvested cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, carrots and melons on Monday.  Things are still dry, but we got some rain last night.  M told she was cutting rhubarb and then handed me a whole pile of beet stems, so I guess I’m pulling (digging?) beets today.
On the needles: nothing knitting.  But before I left, I sewed a quilt top for the porch swing.  We’ll see how long it takes me to get it quilted.
Grateful for:  a great trip, my parents and good friends who cared for Sam & the kids, moving toward answers for Sam, getting back into a rhythm at home, yesterday’s run.

Praying for: Mandy.  The Free Burma Rangers.  Patience despite fatigue.  Sleep (on Colorado time).

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