Mars Landing Resources

Carol asked what we used for our Mars landing unit.  Here are the links:

Here is the preview from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  Don’t let the name (7 Minutes of Terror) turn you away: the science is really cool.

Here is the actual landing, with images from Curiosity’s descent and audio from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s mission control.

And if you– like me– cried when you heard the joy in mission control, then you might want to watch this version of the footage from the JPL mission control itself.  The Mars footage is animated (you might recognize it from 7 Minutes of Terror) but the JPL footage is great.

We watched it all at lunch, and then the kids begged to show it to Sam when he got home… and I cried again.  So now we have to get Apollo 13 from the library again.

And then I played them all this interview from Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, in which two of the scientists from the Curiosity project play “Not My Job.”

Here is the NPR’s Science Friday on the landing.



4 thoughts on “Mars Landing Resources

  1. Josiah skinned his knees badly this morning – riding his scooter on wet asphalt. So these links made the perfect “lie still and rest” activity. Very cool.

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