Run for Relief 2012

This was the first race I ran last year.  My friend Renee got me through it– an unknown course, with WAY more hills than I expected– and I finished feeling like an old lady.
This year, the course was eight laps around a city park.  Seriously?  I felt like I was in the Olympics… except I was wearing way more clothes and there was flame and no crowd. Sam decided not to bring the kids, so I have only one photo from before the race, and one after. Obviously, this was after.

I was happy with my time in this race– having learned from my 10K not to stop to pee or get water every ten feet.  I still don’t love the racing atmosphere, whether there are 70 runners (Saturday) or 50,000 (last May).  But registering for a race helps me train, and training keeps me healthy and sane.  So I’ll probably keep doing races here and there.

The coolest part of this race was the cause: it raised money for Partners and Free Burma Rangers, the two organizations I’ll be serving next month.  And the race was followed by a gathering of Burmese refugees here in Denver… very cool.

Do you have a race coming up?  What’s the coolest cause you’ve run for?


2 thoughts on “Run for Relief 2012

  1. Great job! I love that they didn’t spend money on buying a new banner and just changed the 2011 to 2012. The races in which I’ve run have been mainly to keep me training and healthy, not so much b/c of the cause. However, if I do another one again it would be based on to whom the money goes. Proud to call you friend!

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