Why You Should Never Pickle Beans and Can Plums Simultaneously

I’ve made this same mistake before… the last time when I tried to pickle beets and make pickle relish at the same time.  I ended up switching the two pickling solutions, which was fine in the relish but made for odd beets.

This time, the day we picked the plums happened also to be the day I bought half a bushel of green and yellow beans from the farm.  Sam kept opening bags in the fridge and asking, “What’s in this bag?”

“Uh… beans.”  This happened about three times before he dared to ask, “What are you going to do with all these beans?”

Since I don’t own a pressure canner, they had to be pickled.


See all that yummy dill seed and garlic in there? (I made the recipe in Putting Food By.) Too bad I forgot to add the salt.

Luckily, I realized it as they’d been in the canner for only 2 or 3 minutes, so [with Sam laughing in the background] I pulled them out, emptied all their water/vinegar solution into the vinegar pot, reboiled it with the salt, then repacked them.  And reprocessed them.  Phew. It only added 10 minutes to the entire process.


However, between half a bushel of beans and (? quantity of) plums, this was my kitchen:


Yeah. Next time I’ll do one thing at a time.

Sure I will.


2 thoughts on “Why You Should Never Pickle Beans and Can Plums Simultaneously

  1. That’s my trouble too.
    How did your plum-lavender jam turn out? Rick finally told me you called! I was so perplexed as to why he was looking for the recipe, knowing we didn’t have any plums.

    • I was daunted by the “leave overnight” and then when I couldn’t find any cheesecloth to make my lavender packet, it sealed the deal. That’s why invade plum vanilla.

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