Daybook, Early August, 2012

Outside my window: plums, ripening.
What I’m hearing: a gold finch is singing his heart out from the dead branch of our ash tree.
(This is not a gold finch.)

In my prayers: Mandy.  The survivors of the typhoon in the Philippines.  The people of Aleppo and Homs.  My upcoming trip.


Grateful: for our garden.  For Josephine, born last week in Chicago. And Baby Juliette, born last week in Paris.  A run here, last week:

In the kitchen: green and yellow beans.


Reading: Charlotte Mason’s original homeschooling series.  Metaxas’ biography of Bonhoeffer (wow!) and a Geogette Heyer, Frederica.

dles: a few wash cloths.  Not much else.

The Reason I can’t get much done: The Olympics.  I love the swimming and the gymnastics, especially.  What’s your favorite Olympic event (aside from all the comercials with Morgan Freeman’s voice)?

6 thoughts on “Daybook, Early August, 2012

  1. Thanks, Annie! 🙂 I was just saying to Mark the other day that I need something to knit while he’s reading aloud in the evenings- and I mentioned dishcloths!


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