A Party of Nine for Eight


We celebrated M’s eighth birthday last week.  We were able to have some of her friends over  for a tea party. Initially I balked when she wanted to invite 12 girls (for a total of 14) and suggested she not invite the younger sisters, but she said, “But Mommy, I play with them, too.” And she knows what it is to be a younger sister. I didn’t want to snuff out that instinct to kindness and inclusion… so we ended up with nine girls.
Here’s M putting out place cards for her guests:

I made a tactical error and played that party game where each person draws a number and then chooses a wrapped gift in order of their numbers. #1 opens a gift. #2 can chose #1’s gift or open a new gifts. #3… you’ve played it, right?


Well, I think all the girls were convinced the gifts in this basket were much better than they actually were.  Like DS’s or diamond jewelry or something.  Each time they opened one, they looked at it and said something like, “But I don’t LIKE yarn.”  Or, “I thought this was a movie.”

Anyway, the three 4-year olds were happy with their gifts (they all unwrapped some sort of little notebook), and since I’d forbidden the older girls to steal from them, at least 3 girls went home happy.


Other than that, we had a lovely time eating, dancing, and playing.  Best of all, M was so happy.


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