Summer Nature Study: Dragonflies

Last week, we were lolling around in the morning when I looked outside and saw fifty dragonflies hanging out on our porch.  Literally.
Everyone hurried out to see them.  Another hundred or so were roused out of the plum tree when O walked toward it.  They flew around– too big to be annoying– and parked periodically on the wires.



One of the kids ran inside to get the bug book, where we learned that dragonflies live only 2-3 weeks; lay their eggs under water; catch and eat flies in mid-air (hooray!!); and that their wings make figure-eights.  Not bad for a summer morning.

Sadly, they’re mostly gone now, and the flies are a-comin’.  But it was great while it lasted!


6 thoughts on “Summer Nature Study: Dragonflies

  1. WOW! That is so cool! We have noticed a lot more dragon flies this year too, but NOTHING like this! SO cool! And I didn’t know they ate flies – Hooray!!!

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