Mid-summer Odds and Ends

Well, friends, photos are going to be few and far between (or, perhaps, plentiful and bad) as SweetP dropped my good camera on the pool deck at a swim meet.  And then, like a fool, I’ve been letting them carry my phone around and take terrible photos (way too much unintentional capturing of my double chin from down low) with it.  Although I tried to have it repaired, it was actually cheaper to get a new one.  I hate that.
Wait– I found one good photo: it’s at the Botanical Gardens.
Additionally, Sam went to the new grocery store and got suckered into buying Ginsu knives.  And a waffle iron.  The entire time, M was saying, “Daddy, Mommy says we shouldn’t listen to these display people.  Daddy…” and then was very proud when they came home with the knives– but wait! there’s more– and a “free” gift of some other kitchen gadget I will have to move every time I’m trying to find something I actually use, like a wooden spoon.

But, in the good news category, we got to celebrate our friends’ 40th birthdays on Saturday by wearing legwarmers and big hair (see, now you’re really sad that my camera is broken!)  Sam wore a blazer and sunglasses (thanks, Miami Vice), and my neighbor called to make sure we weren’t going to a funeral.  Apparently she only saw his blazer and NOT my legwarmers.

P.S. The spellchecker did not recognize either Ginsu or legwarmers.  I guess my spellcheck didn’t grow up in the 80s.


5 thoughts on “Mid-summer Odds and Ends

  1. OH Sam! That just cracked me up about the knives! That is soo something my dad would have done! See you all in about a week 🙂

  2. LOL, was it the little plastic thing that is supposed to cut the top out of a tomato for you? I got that too when I listened to the display people and came home with the little slicer/dicer thingie. It does not work as smoothly for me as it did for the display lady. Can’t wait for waffle night!

  3. Thanks for the early morning laugh. The girls kept saying (one in particular), “but mom, they said we MUST go to the back of the store and listen to that guy and then we get a prize!” And I, like M, kept reminding them that it’s a trick and to focus on finding the raisins! : )

  4. I wish I could see the legwarmer pics… On a side note – I didn’t know a camera could be fixed in such a way that it would not take unintentional double chin shots. I would pay some significant cash for that, I think. Even if it cost more than a new one. Tell Sam I love him. And enjoy the waffles. 🙂
    P.S. Why didn’t you tell me you needed new knives? I could still set you up with Cutco! But alas… I’m not sure I could get you a free gift.

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