Daybook, Late June 2012

Outside my window: smoke.  You can’t see it exactly, but you can smell it, and our blue Colorado sky has been gray for days and days.  All my laundry smells like campfire.

What I’m hearing: myself, asking the children 100 times an hour to Close The Door.  CLOSE THE DOOR!  They keep going in and out, in and out, and between the flies swarming in and the A/C pouring out into the world, I’m about frantic.  I may make them stay outside all day tomorrow so they can appreciate it a little more.  Let them out once with their water bottles and then lock the door…

In my prayers: those who have lost much of what was dear to them in the many fires burning throughout the state– and the brave men and women fighting the fire.  Pray for them, will you?
Grateful: for last week’s hike.  How much the kids are improving in their swimming.  Being able to run.  Food on our table.  Time to write. How much my kids like each other (most of the time.) Mandy’s birthday (woot woot!!).



In the kitchen: anything that can be eaten raw.  Or cooked outside.  (My poor husband has been standing over the grill almost every day.  Let me add his grilling to my grateful list!)

On my mind: I hung some hooks in SweetP’s room this week, so she could have up the dress-up clothes that get left on the floor.  I had to borrow my neighbor’s drill.  Sometimes it’s all about having the right tool, and I’ve been wondering if there are tools that my kids need in their learning tool boxes that I haven’t given them.

What’s your favorite tool– the one you’d run out and replace if it broke?  I think mine would be my Kitchen Aid mixer.  I use it All. The. Time.


One thought on “Daybook, Late June 2012

  1. Great pics! I love J in his sweatshirt and pants and O in his shorts and t-shirts. 🙂 Love the pic of you and P. So sweet. xoxo You know my favorite tool – the remote control. Don’t judge! 🙂

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