In honor of your twelfth birthday, here are twelve things I love about you:


  1. You know what you love.  This year it’s dragons.
  2. You want to tell me about every book you read.
  3. You want to hold my hand sometimes.
  4. You love chocolate almost as much as you love dragons.
  5. You are kind.  Ever since you were very small, your empathy has been powerful.
  6. You are the most enthusiastic person I know.
  7. You have forgiven me for all the mistakes I’ve made learning to be a mother.  Practicing on you.
  8. You love to cook.
  9. You are honest.
  10. You have kept every stuffed animal I’ve sewn you, from the sharks I made when you were three to the hydra I made from my college laundry bag.
  11. Your laugh.
  12. You ask great questions.


So here’s to you, son.  I love who you are.  I love who you are becoming.  Happy birthday.


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