Planning a hike today

As I write this morning, the kids are building some sort of obstacle course for a remote-controlled car.  The fun never ceases.  Plans for the rest of the day:

  •  we plan to hike to the ruins of John B. Walker’s mansion, Mount Falcon
  • if there’s no whining on the hike, we’ll stop at the bookstore on the way home to look for the books which are their prizes for the reading club
  • I need to find the source of the nasty smell in the fridge
  • I’ll meet with my writing critique group for dinner and need to figure out what to feed everyone else while I’m gone…
  • if I can muster renewed hope, I will replant my 4th batch of bean seeds, the first 3 plantings having been eaten by birds. Or cutworms. Or something.


This of course is not a recent photo: it was July, 2007.  But I wanted to highlight my “secrets” to happy hiking.  Everyone, no matter how small, can carry a water bottle. (I bring more on my back.)  Hats and sunblock are necessities.  You can see in M’s pack a spare pair of shoes, in case there’s water we want to wade in.  And each backpack has some snacks.  Usually lots of them.  We stop frequently – anytime anyone  sees something they want to explore.  We carry imaginary cameras and take photos of bugs, plants, animals and clouds and share them with each other as we go.  Most of all, my expectation is for “adventure” more than reaching the goal of the trail.  Then I’m never disappointed.


One thought on “Planning a hike today

  1. Great hiking secrets, Annie! With all the hikes we’ve taken, I still haven’t had them take their own packs with water and snacks. That will change! We’ve also found that, especially now that we don’t have the ‘Snow Mountain’ (Mt Rainier), we can go to the woods about 10 minutes from our house to hike. Hiking is much easier, these days. And I completely agree with you–hiking with children (and even without children) is much more enjoyable as a journey than as a destination. Happy trails!

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