Photo Daybook : Mid-June 2012

Out my window: the smell of wood smoke.  We’re nowhere near the High Park fire, but we can smell it like a campfire.  Maybe that’s why the kids keep asking to make s’mores?  Also, raspberries were on super-sale at the store, so I bought, well, er– let’s just say quite a few packages to freeze for smoothies.  I’ll do the same thing with blueberries when they’re available.
In the kitchen: baked potatoes.  But because it’s supposed to be 97 degrees today, I’m making them in the crock pot, thanks to Stephanie O’Dea.  I’ll let you know how they turn out.  Yesterday we had a really yummy orzo-broccoli pasta salad from Simply in Season, with a dressing of vinegar and dijon mustard.  Good summer food.
What I’m Hearing: Children’s laughter.  They’re watching a Mythbusters DVD.  It started as our year-end science lesson (I’m trying to teach them how to design an experiment to answer a question… and then to look carefully at the results) and has become one of their favorite things to do.  Yesterday I did hear Keri utter an expletive that wasn’t bleeped, though, so watch out.

What I’m Reading: Another Georgette Heyer, this one Venetia.  So far my favorite is The Corinthian.  Also, lots of US State Department bulletins on Thailand.  And some medical journals.


Grateful for: Mourning dove babies!  The parents are so attentive, we never caught sight of the eggs, but just look at those downy feathers!

Also, lots of June birthdays: J, and a niece and sister-in-law are having landmark birthdays.  I’m grateful for each of them and the beauty and kindness they bring to me.

And I’m grateful for game nights that are getting to be more and more fun. The other night it was Bananagrams (with some creative spelling allowed for the younger players!)
Praying for: grace and more grace with my children, my husband, and myself.  I need it!


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