A Ticket to Bangkok

It’s official.  I have travel dates and a really expensive plane ticket to go to Thailand in September, where my colleague Sonia and I will be teaching Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) to a group of midwives and medics who work with displaced Burmese refugees.  The goal of the program worldwide is to give birth attendants in under-resourced places the skills to resuscitate a baby without the need for electricity or oxygen.

This month has been full of planning: teaching Sonia the curriculum, researching tickets (expensive), visas (not necessary), hotels (affordable), and prayer (priceless).  If you would join me in the prayer part, I’d be grateful!  And if you know of a printing company in Thailand (no FedEx/Kinkos there!) let me know.

4 thoughts on “A Ticket to Bangkok

  1. Hi Annie, I’ll try to check with my cousin who was based there for many years doing missionary care work (doing therapy with, caring for, other missionaries).


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