Camping, Take 1

We camped last weekend.  What a blast.  I love being outdoors.  I love sleeping in a tent. (I love it more when the children IN the tent are sleeping, too.  Ahem.)  I love the mountains.

Our campsite was just about perfect: earth, wind (and lots of it!), water, and campfire.  Alas, the water was not only in the form of the lake, but also in the form of rain.  That was not my favorite part, but all 11 of us bore it bravely.  We went to a local brewery for dinner– got a beer tour to boot!– and still got to eat our foil-packet dinners afterward.  See what I mean?  Practically perfect in every way.

Of course, I forgot the camera, so I only have phone photos of the beer tour.  (I’m not a beer girl, but I have it on good authority that the beer was really good.)  The whole time, I was afraid one of the kids was going to  open a spigot and we were all going to drown in liquid hops.


Then, after we got home, SweetP slept.  For three hours, and no one could wake her up.  When we camp again, I’m hoping we get more sleep in the tent.


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