Summer Plans: Part 2

When we proposed a reading plan, O mentioned that he’s not a reader (exactly the point of the summer reading program!) and that he’d like an exercise club.  Hence, we formed the Family Exercise Club.

Like our summer reading program, we have multiple goals in mind.  As a family, we’d like to foster a culture of physical activity.  Some of that is daily exercise for health reasons, but I’d also love my children to find a sport that they can do for the love of it.  So I’m hoping we can try out some different sports.  (We’ll see how that goes.)
I gave each child a step counter, and I’d like them to record their daily steps (goal: 10,000.)  We will keep track of the days we did significant exercise (either laps around the park, or playing soccer, or swim team, etc., or achieving 10,000 steps in a day) and have prizes for different levels.  So far the step counters are a huge hit.  Even SweetP, who can’t read the numbers consistently, keeps showing it to me to ask how much she’s done.

Like the summer reading program, there’s a fine line between rewarding effort toward a goal and turning my children into legalistic automatons.  (I’m hoping this fosters the former.)

But I also wanted to recognize O’s valid point, that he has different passions than his brother does, and they are worthwhile and good.  And just as we can all learn something from a good book, we can also learn a lot about ourselves from physical exertion and setting goals.

Are you setting exercise goals for the summer?  How do you foster a healthy love of exercise in your children?


8 thoughts on “Summer Plans: Part 2

  1. Also… I love the way you celebrate color in the pictures you choose for the top of this blog. They just pop of the screen – and as a whole, they make me feel like I’ve just walked into a rainbow.

  2. And now – I will continue reading Calvin and stop making aesthetic comments about your blog. Love to you all. J…. oh P.S. Josiah picked up one of my Calvin books the other night and said with genuine excitement… “Mama, is this who ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ is named after?” Maybe we’ll have a “Calvin” and “Hobbes” summer reading program. Ha!

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