Stations: Week 3

The honeymoon is over.  We did our third week of stations, and it was terrible.  Worse, my friend came over in the middle and saw how terrible it truly was.  I had children rolling around, moaning on the floor over having to jump rope.  I had children standing in line waiting to play
I had children coloring drawings of robins green.  Older children who know what robins look like.


The only item that was a hit was the above memory station.  This is actually a Charlotte Mason idea: set out a collection of items and give the chldren a set time (we did 3 minutes) to “memorize” them.  Then they can write (or dictate, or draw) as many of the items as possible.  It’s harder than it looks.
I was really excited about this still life I set up, but the kids all whizzed through it without appreciating at all how the water changed the appearance of the chessboard squares.  I think that for us, drawing needs to be a whole-group activity,  where we spend significant time and talk (a little, at least) about what we’re seeing.

Have you tried any stations-activities?  I’d love to hear about it!


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