Handmade Update

I had the crazy idea to knit baby hats for the women delivering babies in my Centering Pregnancy group.  Sam kept reminding me that I have a LOT of these groups, and it would be a ridiculous number of hats.  (From my perspective, that was sort of the point.)  So during Holy Week, I was frantically knitting baby hats.  Cute, no?

We had the baby shower on Easter Monday, and none of my patients were excited about them. Sam wins. I won’t be doing that again. But I thought they were cute. (And they were in this really soft natural organic cotton… I’m sure I’ll knit with it again.)

Take two: M was invited to a birthday party with friends who have American girls. “Could you make them some doll clothes?” she asked. So we did.

First up, the sweatshirt.


I traced Julie and added a half-inch on every seam… and the stupid thing is nowhere near fitting over her head. So take three: skirts. Because every American girl needs a denim skirt and a lightweight summer swirly skirt, no?


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