Because you asked…

Several of you asked what we did for stations last week.

Our timer was set for 10 minutes.  The offerings included:

  • Copying Erich Henkel’s “Windmill” in oil pastels.
  • jumping rope
  • picking up quarters with your toes (this was a physical but not aerobic activity to balance the rope jumping, each of which was 5 minutes)
  • (total 1400 grains donated)
  • making a building out of a shoebox (we had a restaurant, a house, a windmill, and a car wash)– later I will assemble these into a town they can play with
  • categorizing scents into “for eating” and “for cleaning” (I saturated 6 cotton balls with one of the following liquids: vanilla, acetone, almond extract, water, and vinegar).  Then the older kids matched the liquid to its scent







8 thoughts on “Because you asked…

  1. On facebook it said “jumping rope picking up quarters with your toes” and I was really stumped as to how to do those things together! 🙂

    p.s. Now that I’m a mom of four I’m even more in awe of all the great things you do with your kids!

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