More Signs of Spring

We are weeks ahead of where we normally are with Spring.  Did the groundhog NOT see his shadow (for once)?  Whatever the case, I’m grateful.

We’ve been able to eat outside in the evenings.

The rose bushes are green and covered with new, red leaves.

The fruit trees are budding.

Sam had the itch to garden, so I tapped his sudden burst of energy to rehang the porch swing.

The clothesline is outside again.

What does spring look like for you?



2 thoughts on “More Signs of Spring

  1. rows of pink blossom trees lining the streets…
    fields of daffodils….
    puddles and gumboots….
    sea fog and rainbows….
    new shoots poking their heads up…
    Thanks for reminding me of Spring, as we are in Autumn 🙂

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