Caution: May Burn Up on Re-Entry

We’re just back from a really wonderful trip to Chicago to visit Sam’s family and celebrate his mom’s birthday.  More on all that goodness later.

But right now, I’m struggling.  I came back to a very thin cat, whom I keep expecting to die, but she doesn’t and I’m facing the fact that I may have to put her out of her misery.  O broke his collar bone on our trip, and he’s not my most stoic of children.  So he’s moaning around the house, claiming he can’t do any schoolwork (although oddly, he can build with Legos).  I tried to remind him that it wasn’t his brain that was broken, and he declared that I was lacking in sympathy.  (I think I may have mentioned that weakness of mine before.)


The printer that hasn’t been working for several weeks… and. still. isn’t. working.  I don’t know why I expected it to fix itself while I was gone.  I think I’ll move to Australia.

And (last complaint, really I promise) the sprinkler system needs to be fixed and we can’t go for a family bike ride because O can’t hold the handlebars and there are still unwanted rodent visitors in the house (because said Cat can’t deter them any more) and … oh, wait, I was stopping.

But… Lent marches along toward Holy Week.  Jesus hauling that cross like there’s nothing that will stop him from saving me from myself and my discontent.

All I have to do is pray for the strength to follow.


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