Making Meals Ahead

Sometimes I feel like I can’t be as helpful to others as if I were more mobile.  For example, it would be great to go clean the house of someone who just had a baby.  But really, bringing my four kids into a house with a newborn would be terribly germy and dangerous.  But I can make meals to share.  And when I was a new mom, the meals others brought us were such a blessing.  But what to bring?

I think my favorite meal was a roast pork tenderloin with new potatoes and green beans… but I can’t quite whip that up and deliver it at 10 am.  So instead, we like to bring:

Mini pizzas. 

I precook the crust for 7-8 minutes before I put on sauce and toppings.  (The precooking keeps it from getting all soggy.)  Then they can cook them at 375 until the cheese bubbles.

Creamy chicken enchiladas.  (Any enchiladas, really.)  My friend Lori is so smart: she lines her pan with foil and then freezes them, and then she can just hand over the frozen foil-wrapped enchiladas and keep her pan.  Brilliant.

Breakfast Burritos.  These are great, because you can freeze some for yourself, too.  Any breakfast food, really.  When SweetP was born, my friend Lori brought me cinnamon rolls and a breakfast casserole.  I ate it for days, for every meal.  Yum.

Cookie dough, frozen in balls.  Or individually wrapped muffins.

What are your favorite dishes to share?



3 thoughts on “Making Meals Ahead

  1. I always make a quiche (or sometimes two) and freeze them. They can baked from frozen so there is no prep work to reheat them and are great for dinner or breakfast or whatever. And I use a store bought crust which has it’s own pie tin already, so there are no dishes to return.


  2. Soups- beef stew or some sort of taco soup. With some sort of bread- cornbread or a loaf I pick up at the bakery on the way!

    Chicken Caesar salad- because I always have the ingredients on hand– just cut and wash up some romaine, put it in a gallon-sized freezer bag, then add sandwich-bags full of parmesan, another of croutons, then grilled chicken, and then put some dressing in a tupperware container on the side. Add bread and there’s a meal.

    Enchiladas, yes. I’ve brought those, too.

    I brought lasagna to someone last week and I thought it was actually an easy meal to bring, too!

    Taco salad fixings– taco meat, chips, lettuce, cheese, olives, tomatoes– YUM. Or burrito bar fixings. Heat up some tortillas and beans and bring the toppings. (BONUS points if you have guacamole!) 😉

    I so enjoy your blog, Annie.

    Blessings to you and yours!


  3. I love this post! I am always wanting to do something for the pregnant women/ new moms in my life; I figure I should be cooking something and I never know what. The enchilada idea is great!


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