In the garden

We had a beautiful weekend, with 70 degree days and sunshine.  My long run didn’t pan out, but I made it into the garden.


I rooted out the oregano that spread like plague two years ago.  (I’m sure I missed a bunch of it, but it smelled great while I was digging it up.)  I pulled up all the dried tomato stalks, pepper plants, and sunflower trunks.


I planted a little spinach.  (I couldn’t help myself, really I couldn’t.  It was a compulsion.)

I harvested 5 onions left over from last year.  They look delicious.

It all has me thinking about Sharon Astyk’s Independence Days Challenge.  I learned so much from participating two years ago.  I don’t plan to post on it every week, but I may sprinkle in an Independence Days post here and there, so humor me, okay?

One thought on “In the garden

  1. I love the new banner picture of the kids up top… all doing their own thing. It looks like the cover of some classic young persons’s book about a resourceful family of children who sail. 🙂


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