A Bad Homeschooling Day


I can’t even explain to you what happened on Friday.  I’d love to find an excuse, but there really wasn’t anything other than my All-Consuming Desire to Read a Novel.  (And it’s one I’ve even read before.  Twice.)

Everyone did their own math and Latin and Spanish.  I gave two piano lessons and read a few books to SweetP and M. Then I tucked my feet under me on the couch and read 200 hundred pages.


“Mom, can you-”

“No. Why don’t you and your brother play Legos?”

“Mommy?  Can you-”

“Girls, why don’t you make some paper dolls?”

I even texted a sitter to see if she could come for an hour.  She was busy.


In the end I reheated leftover rice and called it lunch.  Then we took the world’s slowest bike ride ride to 7-Eleven, in which Felix (name changed to protect the innocent) decided he would “run” instead.  MapMyRun says we went 2.8 miles per hour.

Eventually, everyone went to bed and I finished reading the novel.

Heidi, the gratitous flower pictures are for you.


11 thoughts on “A Bad Homeschooling Day

  1. Love it! Was I the sitter you texted? What book holds your atttention three times running and I think we should seriously consider a “mom needs to read” kid swap! 🙂

  2. And beautiful flowers they are. Feels like Auntie Leila around here! And also? SO GLAD I’m not the only one who arranges lessons in self-sufficiency to coincide with a gripping read.

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