We Love to Swim

Well, some of us do.  That is, we all love to swim, but J would rather read a book than swim.  (He’d actually rather read a book than anything.)

Here’s a shot from our most recent swim meet.  Can you see which one is O there?


Neither can

I think he’s the second from the bottom, just coming into the wall.
We’ve kept a record (just an excel spreadsheet) of their race times over the past 2 years, and it’s been fun to show them how their times have gotten better. Swimming is one of those very vivid examples of work=results. There’s no shortcut, no way to improve other than to put in the yards.  (Unlike at the Pinewood Derby, where our race results have borne no correlation with the amount of work put in.)

SweetP is progressing as well, though her class moved to the “big” pool, which is consistently 5 degrees colder than the “little” pool. So she doesn’t want to get in. The other day, she fell asleep on the way to class and sat in her swimsuit on my lap for the first 25 minutes of her class, before she’d agree to go jump in with the other kids for the last 5 minutes.


That last 5 minutes made me wonder if she was playing me (since the water was still 81 degrees at the end) and just didn’t want to practice the things she doesn’t enjoy as much. So I made her practice on the bench.


So much for my treadmill times. I’ve been using her 30 minute lesson to pound out 2 miles on the treadmill at the gym. I don’t enjoy the treadmill, but pushing myself on it for a short time (though those 20 minutes feel like an hour) at a fast pace has really improved my pace on the road. However, I decided to “make up a few miles” on the 29th– since my February mileage was low– and did a longer run, when I wasn’t feeling well already. Big mistake. I did 6.2 miles with wind and not enough water and paid for it the rest of the day. Or maybe it wasn’t my run at all, and it was just the precursor to the stomach flu we were about to get… who knows. But I learned my lesson.  No more hard runs just for the sake of keeping the monthly miles up.


2 thoughts on “We Love to Swim

  1. Hi everyone. Yeah for swim team. would love to see you all in a swim meet. The pool where you practice looks really nice.

  2. continued from above hit the wrong button….Yesterday we went to feed some baby goats on a farm of one of Mandys friends. it was really fun..she has to feed them at 4 everyday and also do chores, so some of us may go over another day when it’s warmer and do this. she also has a small horse, 3 ponies, bunnies cats, lots of big goats, 2 sheep and lots of cows that she rents grazing space to. She said that Tyler (who has been taking hours back riding lessons) could ride the horse. So that was a fun day. See you soon. love to all

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