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O requested “Bunny Cake Pops” for his party.

I started with melted white chocolate, which I put in a sandwich bag.  I cut off the corner (a SMALL hole) and piped the chocolate on a parchment-covered cookie sheet, in the shape of bunny ears.  (I repeated this with the dark chocolate.)  These went into the fridge to cool.

Then I made a cake, which– after cooling– went into the mixer with 1/2 (to 1) cup frosting to mix into “dough.”

I rolled this into balls and put them on a parchment-covered cookie sheet to cool in the fridge.

Then I melted dark chocolate and dipped the stick in it, getting about 1/2 cm of chocolate on the stick.  Then pop the stick into a cooled ball. Repeat ad nauseum and chill again.

The penultimate step is to melt more chocolate and dip the cooled balls into it.  I watched a youtube video which I now can’t find, but if you’re a visual person, this was very helpful.   This is the trickiest part– getting the chocolate very smooth and molted without ruining it.  I do it in 30-s increments in the microwave.  In between, I put the container of chocolate in another, larger container of  very hot water to keep it warm.  When the chocolate on the balls is hardening, it’s helpful to have some foam in which to stick the sticks so they dry round.  I had some leftover foam from an Edible Arrangement and used that, but no one complained when the cake pops were flat on one side.

A few of them had faces painted in chocolate, but they were delicious without as well.

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